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I jokingly asked Matt if he could cure me from my Dorito "addiction" that I've had since I was a child. I could eat a full bag in one sitting and had an unhealthy emotional eating attachment to them for so many years. Outwardly I handled it lightly, but inwardly I recognized my binging was self-sabotage. When Matt answered my request with a very confident YES, I gave it a try and the experience and results honestly far exceeded my expectations.

We did our hypnosis session over a Zoom call and I still felt very informed by and connected with Matt.  The process didn't take long and I found it quite interesting. After working on my specific request, Matt then suggested we could use his healing modality for the release of low vibrational emotions.  That was a really peaceful process and allowed me to feel deeply connected to my soul-self.

The next two nights I slept really long and deep...12-13 hours which is unheard of for me. The next day, I realized that a long-term wrist pain had disappeared. I was planning to see a Dr about it soon and I had not mentioned it to Matt at all! I believe that emotion is stored in the body and our hypnosis work allowed me to process that emotion so it could be transmuted. This was an amazing & unexpected major bonus. I also genuinely felt more at ease and calm during the time after our session.

I haven't had/ wanted Doritos in over a month. This is a really significant achievement and Matt made me feel safe, heard, and supported. I am so deeply thankful!
- Stacy H



Matt- your session was so enjoyable, and yet so profound. You have a gift for metaphor, and I really enjoy learning from you! You bring about big changes and make it feel easy. Thank you!

  • Dawn S, Ga






"One of the things I love most is the way Matt captures my attention with the most intriguing stories and I can literally feel the problem I was struggling with shifting, changing, and releasing. I can't figure out how he does it and that's my favorite part."

~ Lori H, Colorado



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"My thoughts were like a ball of wool all tangled up but after talking to Matt I was all detangled thank you again for your precious time Matt it was so lovely to connect with such a beautiful person who genuinely wanted to help me thank you ”

-Liz C, Ireland

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"Not only did I sleep the entire night, I did another thing I don't usually do… I actually stayed in one place!

So I just wanna say, OH WOW, I'm impressed!  You did something that the YouTube things I've been doing to sleep have not!

I am super grateful to give it to you and I’m ABUNDANTLY grateful that I had that audio last night!"

- Theresa P, PA

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