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Hi, I’m Matt!   

  Do you ever look at that mess of electrical cords in the corner and wonder how they got that way? Or maybe you know how they got that way but you just can't believe that you allowed it to happen. When you bend down and try to untangle that mess it gets worse. Those cords are now knots. And the more you try to figure it out, the tighter your problems become. You don't know what to do, you just want it straightened out.

That's what I do. Those knots could be in your mind or your body It doesn't matter. I will untie, unravel and detangle that mess of cords quickly. And when I'm done, those same powerful tools will be in your own toolbox for the future.

Matt is such a warm and compassionate person. I was fortunate to take his hypnosis workshop on “Awkard to Easy”. He delivered the information in such a way that it was easy to understand and relate to. Matt led us in an activity that truly showed how hurtful and energy-blocking it is when we don’t accept compliments. His approach and knowledge allowed me to feel safe and eager to be fully hypnotized. Matt is hands down a brilliant hypnotist and if you get the opportunity to work with him, please do.

 - Cassidy G  Oh





Hypnosis/ NLP/ Reiki


That habit you can't break, that food you can't resist, those times you say "Why did I sabotage myself AGAIN?" are what happens when your conscious and subconscious mind are not on the same page. If you're ready to be done with that old habit - If you're ready to take control back from that irresistible food - If you're ready to be your own true believer - these are the tools to get you there.



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Balanced Movement


What good is it to spend hours per week leveling up with motivating books and inspirational podcasts, if you don't have the physical energy to carry out your potential? Fitness is a vital part of thriving in life. If you knew how to exercise in a way that kept you young, flexible and pain free you'd do it wouldn't you? If you like in the St Louis area we can train in person at Dudas Fitness. If not in the St Louis area then in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

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Hypnotic YIN Method


The HYM combines the deep stretch and stillness of YIN YOGA, with the mindful intention of HYPNOSIS. The results are incredible. Anyone can do it. Tension in the body is tension in the mind. When tension leaves the body, it will leave the mind.

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NLP Practitioner 

Personal Trainer

Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Success & Life Coach

Kettlebell Instructor

TIME Techniques Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner