Are you friends with your scale?

Aug 12, 2022

The scale ain't nobody's friend. 


That's right.


If you want to lose weight, it's never low enough.

If you want to gain weight it's never high enough.

The scale is like a disapproving parent. It means well, but it just ends up making feel bad about yourself 😕

 So put it in time out because It's not the most important metric of your progress! 

Well... hang on...

Here ARE two times where the scale matters....

If you are..

1) Entering a wrestling tournament...?


2) Going hang gliding...?

No, not doing any of that?

 Ok then put it in time out.

Measure your progress by your...

Quality of sleep, and your...

Get up and go, and your...

 Overall mood (that's a big one!)...

Because when all that's good, YOUR good!

Until next time 👊

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