Change you own mind INSTANTLY when you FLIP the but! 🍑

language pattern mind hack persuade self talk Aug 16, 2022

Language patterns used in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis are POWERFULY persuasive. 

Especially when you apply them to yourself.  

Here's one called "Flip your BUT 🍑."

🍑 - "cheeky" huh? 😃 Yea, I know sorry 🙄

Anyway, I learned it from Michael Stevenson of Transform Destiny, which is where I did my training and here's how it works...

You probably already know that when you say "but" it erases everything before it.

For example if someone says to you "Good job, BUT ___" , you know that they don't think you're doing a good job.

It works the same with self talk.
If you say:
"I want to workout, but I'm not a morning person" It's not motivating.

So say THIS instead:
 "I'm not a morning person, BUT... I want to WORKOUT!" Feels different does it not?

Filp your BUT 🍑!

Here's another example. Say this out loud then notice how it feels:
"I want to get out of the house, BUT I feel anxious 😕"

NOW flip the but and say it AGAIN:

"I feel anxious BUT, I want to get out of the house!

Felt different, didn't it! 😃
Give this powerful language pattern a shot and let me know how it works for you!

I appreciate you!

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