My Talk With Désirée Eckert

Aug 29, 2022

Désirée Eckert is a dear friend and a BRILLIANT hypnotist. And, she passes on that brilliance by certifying others in hypnotherapy.

What makes Désirée's course unique? It's geared towards healers.

So if you are a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, massage therapist or practice any other energy or touch based healing and you want triple the effectiveness of your practice, I HIGHLY recommend Désirée's course.

Last week Désirée launched her discussion series and I'm honored to be her first! We had a marvelous talk on how our words create pictures in people's minds, and, how we can unknowingly alienate people.

Have you ever had a conversation go south and you're left with that awful "What just happened?" feeling? Désirée and I discussed exactly that!

We have some answers for you and had some laughs in the process.



Checkout Désirée's Hypnosis for Healers course!

Hypnosis for Healers: Get certified in hypnosis for next-level healing (


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