What is non-possessiveness?

self talk yamas niyamas Aug 29, 2022


My friend Desiree, also a hypnotist, did a hypnosis event over zoom last week.

(Desiree Eckert, find her and follow her!)

She had a special guest.

A Meat Loaf tribute artist.


He goes by the name "The Legendary Pot Roast".

When Pot Roast came on the screen, he was sitting at a desk in what appeared to be his childhood room at his mom's house.

Oh my God do I see a TWIN bed behind him?


Pot Roast went into "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad". And he sang it well, considering that he was sitting at a desk.

BTW, Desi confirmed he WAS in fact in his old room at his mom's house because he moved in to take care of her.

Anyway, Pot Roast finishes his song, and smiling big with closed eyes does a slow nod into the camera, effectively "taking a bow".

He was clearly pleased with himself.  And why shouldn't he be?  Considering what he had to work with (sitting not standing, no lights, no band, no volume, mom's house) I'd say he nailed it.

Desi thanked him and asked the group if they had any questions for The Legendary Pot Roast. Caroline Dawe (herself an accomplished hypnotist) had this to say:

(I'm paraphrasing) "Pot Roast it was so wonderful to here you sing! I love to sing but I can't." (there's much more, like I said I'm paraphrasing).


Then, Pot Roast BLEW MY DAMN MIND when he said...


"First of all, WHO SAYS you cant sing? Don't worry about what you sound like! I don't even worry about what I sound like when I'm performing. That's THEIR job not mine!"

😮  😵  🤯

Ummm whut?

I know you know the point here {{ first_name }} , so I'm not going to sit here and tell you that people's opinions of you positive or otherwise have nothing to do with you because they only reflect on the person thinking them and not you so therefore people's opinions of you are none of your business.

Nope. I'm not gonna tell you that.

I'm going to tell you that what blew my mind was Pot Roast's personal practice of not caring what other's think of his singing (or anything I else I'd presume).

AKA "non-possessiveness"

Not only did I hear him say it, I watched him BE IT. 

A grown man sitting in his old room in his mamma's house performing with the same confidence that I imagine he takes on stage. He seemed to love every minute of it and we know it was all for him because he SAID SO.

Man, this guy's practice of non-possessiveness is NEXT LEVEL. 

He makes his living as a MEAT LOAF TRIBUTE ARTIST...
He kinda sorta should care what people think of his singing...


Shouldn't he?

I dunno.

As my uncle would say "He's doin it ain't he?

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